About me

Crazy tall blondie that fell hard down to the ground in younger years when she realized that the world did not wait for her to be made better.


Maybe due to that or maybe despite - who knows - she found pleasure in growing a certain special resistant glowing strength.


This power and strength is build continuously by focussing on positive outcomes and self-improvement in any desired area of life.


Autodidact, Teacher/Consultant and Lover of Languages.


Curriculum Vitae

  • Currently finishing a classic German apprenticeship as a Real Estate Businesswoman ("Immobilienkauffrau (IHK)(Real Estate Busines Management, Financial Controlling and Social Studies)
  • Jobs as texter, writer, journalist and private tuition teacher for students in diverse school subjects.
  • Former professional basketball player.
  • A-Levels-Diploma / "ABITUR" (German University Entrance Certificate)